Thursday, December 20, 2007

Singapore Design Festival 28 Nov - 8 Dec 2007 - Design-a-Bin

Part of the Singapore Design Festival, the Design-A-Bin located at the Youthtopia a youth park, is a spectacular site. Check them out! ^^


Singapore Design Festival 28 Nov - 8 Dec 2007

Recently, Singapore helds its annual Singapore Design Festival. I went to took some of the wonderful concepts around. Enjoy... ^^


19-20 Jan 2008 - Barry Levine, Comics to Film Seminar

19-20 Jan 2008 - Barry Levine, A Comics to Film Seminar

Barry Levine is a Hollywood film producer and Radical Publishing President, he will gives talk on what it takes to get your comic and film ideas to the Hollywood studios.

For more details, please go to Imaginary Friends Studio

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


From the animation studio, Studio 4°C, who brought you The Animatrix comes this visually stunning new anime film based on the popular Japanese manga written by Taiyo Matsumoto. Directed by Michael Arias, the anime takes place in Treasure Town, where life can be both gentle and brutal. This is never truer than for our heroes, Kuro(Black) and Shiro(White), two street urchins who watched over the city, doing battle with an array of old-world Yakuza and alien assassins vying to rule the decaying metropolis.

Tekkonkinkreet won the prestigious Best Film Award at the 2006 Mainichi Film Awards. It was also named the Number 1 film of 2006 in the annual "Best of" roundup by the New York Museum of Modern Art's Artforum magazine.

*Berlin International Film Festival - Generation 14 plus and Best First Feature Film Nominations
*Hong Kong International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Nomination and Animation Unimited Selection
*Tokyo International Film Festival - Special Selection
*Deauville Asian Film Festival - Panorama Film Selection

Tekkonkinkreet is sure to be a MUST watch!! ^^

Tekkonkinkreet (A Trailer.)


Tekkonkinkreet Website(English): click!
The Michael Arias Interview : Click!
Studio 4°C: click!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Comix-Jam 24 Hrs Competition starts!!

I've passed through the first round and now am taking up the challenge of the 2nd, that is to blog 24hrs and come out with a decent comics. :)

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