Monday, January 21, 2008

Josh Apparel: Dream

Tools: 2B Pilot Mech. Pencil, Photoshop 7

I'm partnering with a friend of mine with an apparel business. This is one of the propose pieces of design that I've done for the apparels. Hope you guys like it.


Monsterism Series - Trojakun

Monsterism Series - Trojakun

Tools: 2B Pilot Mech. Pencil, Photoshop 7

"Revenge seems to be the only thing on the mind of the poor beggar... on those who dealt him treacherously."

This is one the first few concept monster I came out with. I wanted to create a beast that could fight! It was great doing this piece. Perhaps you would have notice it by now, that all my monsters retains that bit of anatomy of normal human. It was my idea of making it so.

While coming up with the concepts and ideas, I bought a couple of "Duel Monsters" game cards for reference. And I realize that all of their monsters were out of this world! Many of them were brilliant concepts. However, I wanted to retain an originality of my own concepts and ideas, as such I retain the human anatomy of my monsters.

Partly also, I want to give a connection between my story to the monsters that I've created.

Hope that you guys like it,

Daikuk Vs Trojakun Showdown

Monsterism - Daikuk Vs Trojakun Showdown

Tools: 2B Pilot Mech. Pencil, Photoshop 7

This is the third and final piece of the three artworks I've done for Mangaka'07 competition. This piece was quite last minute, but overall I feel it looks okay.

Edited on the tones and lightings a bit.


Loss of My Beloved.

Tools: 2B Pilot Mech. Pencil, Photoshop 7

"The loss of someone she loved. Though painful, but she remembers the times she had with him..."

I took a great deal of time coloring and editing the final piece. Hope that you guys like it.

The concept was inspired by an artist over at Deviant Arts called Fley. The girl was inspired by a photo Boa took for her first few albums. She looks great in those albums.

The line art had so much errors in the perspective, its an embarrassment. Sori.

Lineart = click


Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Pepper Project


Artgerm & Imaginary Friends Studios(IFS) is proud to announce THE PEPPER PROJECT, the first artbook dedicated to the sexy and enigmatic muse, Pepper and her friend Wanda. The book will feature Artgerm’s Pepper pieces including many never before seen Pepper pieces specially created for this volume. The book will also feature some Pepper and Wanda art by some of the industry’s top artists as well as Pepper pieces done by fans and friends.

The volume will be presented with the well designed and premium quality printing that IFS has done including a standard paperback version and a Collectors hardcover version with lots of extras.

Now it is your chance to be a part of this exciting project!

For more info., please click on the links below:
Website: link
DeviantArt: link


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mangaka 07

Mangka 07

Happy New Year Everyone!

I was too busy to even update this on the blog so I shall do it now; the first post of the brand new year!

The Mangaka 07 award ceremony(link) was held on 27th October 2007 @ Orchard Library located @ Level 5 of Takashimaya. The exhibition showcases the finalists from the Junior, Intermediate and the Open Category.

And I am very happy to announce that I emerged 2nd Runner-up for the Open Category. I really want to thank all my friends for encouraging me and supporting me all these times.

I'm so looking forward to Mangka 08!

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